Spring Semester and New Begginings

So Monday marks the start of my Spring semester at Niagara University and I have vowed to myself to be more organized. This seems to be a promise that every college student makes to themselves, but lets be honest! We usually fall short. I can not tell you how many times I have imagined myself being that good student who would be involved in every club that mattered to me, and would spend countless hours at the library set with my laptop, books, a skinny vanilla latte, and those special nerdy glasses that I convinced myself had magical powers to make me focus.

Lets face it though…That picture of myself flew right out the window as soon as I saw that re-runs of friends was on and there I would be! In my pajamas eating Oreo’s instead of heading to the library like I had planned to write a 12 page paper about the History of Russia. From the sound of it, it seems like my GPA would be in the trash, but luckily I work better under pressure and my grades have always been on point. But not everyone is lucky enough to be able to function that way and then I thought! I could do so much better if I actually planned ahead. We all could.

So like an sorority girl, the first thing I did to set my self n the path t organizational bliss is order myself a customized monogrammed agenda! I always feel like I have a fresh start and like anything can be accomplished when I have a brand new agenda.


 Etsy Customized Agenda 

I ordered this customized agenda Plum Paper Designs off of Etsy (Link found above.) You can customize it to have your name and monogram on the cover in addition to how many pages of notes you would like, number of months and 3 options of how to set up the layout to fit your day to day planning. This was perfect for me with having to juggle work, my internship with Congressman Higgins, my independent study and of course my blogging which I have just started up again after an unannounced hiatus. So as you can see, I can no longer rely on leaving things to the last minute. So I will use this agenda to commit myself to being more organized (jeez that sounded corny). Lets face it though, who does not love a fresh new start and new clean cut planner! I encourage every one to get on this track. A new year a new leaf!


A note to those who second guess me.

I’m not a writer.


I’ve wanted to be a writer my whole life up until the 10th grade, when a teacher of mine told me that I write like George Bush talks. So I am not a writer. But I write anyways..even when I have nothing to say. I lost my voice this past year. Not literally of course, but metaphorically. I failed to stand my ground and let people use me and accepted the position of being the second choice in people’s lives when I should have been the first. I need my voice back…I demand my voice back.

I’ve had enough of being second best…I’ve had enough of people telling me that I’m not good enough in the things I pursue. I’m tired of people telling me that I am not good enough to be their first choice. I’m tired of accepting it. So I am not going to accept the position of second best anymore. I’m not going to listen to the negativity and I am going to keep writing.  may not be the the prettiest, the smartest, the most eloquent or the most gifted writer. But I am pretty, I am smart, I am eloquent and I AM a writer. I may not be the most or best in any of these things, but I am still ALL of these things.


Happy New Year.

Be empowered!





Well the first semester is over and i can honestly say it cold not have gone better. Yes, it was stressful at time when i had to juggle work and school in an area that wasn’t home, but i handled it. Claiming my education is the best thing that i can do for myself. This semester has made me realize that my decision to Minor in Women’s Studies is the best decision i have ever made. i have always been an advocate for women’s rights as well as the rights of others and to be able to turn my love of activism into a career is so rewarding.

i thought i would share with you, one of the first articles i read for my Women’s Studies class. It is an article i had read before, so i was thrilled to read it again.

If Men Could Menstruate by Gloria Steinem

A white minority of the world has spent centuries conning us into thinking that a white skin makes people superior – even though the only thing it really does is make the more subject to ultraviolet rays and to wrinkles. Male human beings have built whole cultures around the idea that penis envy is “natural” to women – though having such an unprotected organ might be said to make men vulnerable, and the power to give birth makes womb envy at least as logical.

In short, the characteristics of the powerful, whatever they may be, are thought to be better than the characteristics of the powerless – and logic has nothing to do with it.

What would happen, for instance, if suddenly, magically, men could menstruate and women could not?

The answer is clear – menstruation would become an enviable, boast-worthy, masculine event:

Men would brag about how long and how much.

Boys would mark the onset of menses, that longed-for proof of manhood, with religious ritual and stag parties.

Congress would fund a National Institute of Dysmenorrhea to help stamp out monthly discomforts.

Sanitary supplies would be federally funded and free. (Of course, some men would still pay for the prestige of commercial brands such as John Wayne Tampons, Muhammad Ali’s Rope-a-dope Pads, Joe Namath Jock Shields – “For Those Light Bachelor Days,” and Robert “Baretta” Blake Maxi-Pads.)

Military men, right-wing politicians, and religious fundamentalists would cite menstruation (“men-struation”) as proof that only men could serve in the Army (“you have to give blood to take blood”), occupy political office (“can women be aggressive without that steadfast cycle governed by the planet Mars?”), be priest and ministers (“how could a woman give her blood for our sins?”) or rabbis (“without the monthly loss of impurities, women remain unclean”).

Male radicals, left-wing politicians, mystics, however, would insist that women are equal, just different, and that any woman could enter their ranks if she were willing to self-inflict a major wound every month (“you MUST give blood for the revolution”), recognize the preeminence of menstrual issues, or subordinate her selfness to all men in their Cycle of Enlightenment. Street guys would brag (“I’m a three pad man”) or answer praise from a buddy (“Man, you lookin’ good!”) by giving fives and saying, “Yeah, man, I’m on the rag!” TV shows would treat the subject at length. (“Happy Days”: Richie and Potsie try to convince Fonzie that he is still “The Fonz,” though he has missed two periods in a row.) So would newspapers. (SHARK SCARE THREATENS MENSTRUATING MEN. JUDGE CITES MONTHLY STRESS IN PARDONING RAPIST.) And movies. (Newman and Redford in “Blood Brothers”!)

Men would convince women that intercourse was more pleasurable at “that time of the month.” Lesbians would be said to fear blood and therefore life itself – though probably only because they needed a good menstruating man.

Of course, male intellectuals would offer the most moral and logical arguments. How could a woman master any discipline that demanded a sense of time, space, mathematics, or measurement, for instance, without that in-built gift for measuring the cycles of the moon and planets – and thus for measuring anything at all? In the rarefied fields of philosophy and religion, could women compensate for missing the rhythm of the universe? Or for their lack of symbolic death-and-resurrection every month?

Liberal males in every field would try to be kind: the fact that “these people” have no gift for measuring life or connecting to the universe, the liberals would explain, should be punishment enough.

And how would women be trained to react? One can imagine traditional women agreeing to all arguments with a staunch and smiling masochism. (“The ERA would force housewives to wound themselves every month”: Phyllis Schlafly. “Your husband’s blood is as sacred as that of Jesus – and so sexy, too!”: Marabel Morgan.) Reformers and Queen Bees would try to imitate men, and pretend to have a monthly cycle. All feminists would explain endlessly that men, too, needed to be liberated from the false idea of Martian aggressiveness, just as women needed to escape the bonds of menses envy. Radical feminist would add that the oppression of the nonmenstrual was the pattern for all other oppressions (“Vampires were our first freedom fighters!”) Cultural feminists would develop a bloodless imagery in art and literature. Socialist feminists would insist that only under capitalism would men be able to monopolize menstrual blood . . . .

In fact, if men could menstruate, the power justifications could probably go on forever.

If we let them.

Gift that keeps on giving!

I don’t normally celebrate Christmas, but this year my family has decided to join in on the festivities. However, when my mom asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I had no idea what to ask for. I didn’t just want anything from the mall..I wanted a gift that actually meant something. I want a gift that keeps on giving. So I put in a stipulation that if I get any gift, it has to be a gift that supports a good cause and benefits those in need.

One organization that I particularly fond of is V-Day. V-Day is an organization founded by Eve Ensler, that raises money and awareness to end violence against women around the world. I first heard of V-day in my women’s studies class the other day and when we watched a documentary called “The Vagina Monologues.”   A documentary that that brings awareness about rape and violence against women around the world.  A truly moving film that is raw, moving and at times funny, but most of all enlightening. 


In an effort to raise money and awareness, Eve Ensler teamed up with Amanda Keidan Jewelry and put together a line of rings and necklaces to support the cause. This is one gift I would not mind receiving, since it is for such a good cause. My suggestion for everyone is to pick a cause that is close to your heart and celebrate the spirit of Christmas by picking a gift for a loved one that supports people around the world. Truly a gift that keeps on giving.


Okay! With my hectic school and work schedule, I am a bit slow with the newest apps and shiz. So it’s no surprise that I am just now finding out about Snapshot.  I have spent the last hour having loads of fun with snapshot. I kid you not, this is now how I fill my hours of procrastination! Case in point, instead of writing a paper on human trafficking. I was perfecting my mustache drawing skills

College Life










I honestly thought that juggling work and blogging was a tough thing to do…I was dead wrong. Working, going to school AND blogging is a tough thing to do. I have finally carved out some time to do what I love the most. Blog ❤ So far I have been away at school for close to two months now, but it honestly feels like I have spent a lifetime here. So much has happened within such a short period of time that my mind (and body) are still playing catch up.

My life consists of late night study sessions, early morning classes, mid-shifts at work and dorm room madness. It also consists of breakdowns, laughter, cat fights, snide remarks, nonsense, priceless moments, reality changing conversation’s & memorable encounters…& I love every single moment of it. Even the bad!  i wouldn’t change this experience for anything. Whether I want to laugh, cry, scream out of frustration or shout for joy! I take the bad with the good, otherwise I would never learn anything.

I’ve made terrible choices that I have learned from and know never to do again. I’ve met people that I know will be with me for a lifetime and I have had conversations that have altered my perception and me as a person. Things that i have felt to be true my whole life have been stripped away and re-born into something new. Understanding. I love this about college..the connectedness to all things academic, the drunken nights, the hangovers, the late night papers and mile long walks at midnight in the freezing cold. Memories that I cherish already. College life!


Skin Care tips for the stressed and desperate!

Hello Readers!

I thought I might take a minute to share some of my skin care tips with you guys today. I think I can speak for everyone when I say that stress can take a major toll on your face. I have been extra stressed as of late, with my impending departure from my family in just 8 days time & the knowledge that I have yet to even buy a single thing for my dorm room! Not to mention my books (I would like you all to know that I am the QUEEN of procrastination)

All of this has caused me to break out more than usual. I wont lie, I have pretty good genes & have never had a big problem with my skin. However; I am a firm believer that good skin is all about good genes, a good skin care regimen  & a good diet. For today I will share my skin care regimen & the products I have come to adore.

First things first! Face wash. I don’t like to use harsh products on my face, so I use Simple. A skin care line that has no harsh irritants, dyes or artificial perfumes that upset the skin. It is also very affordable, which is great for a soon to be broke college student.

On to the next step. I use Vitamin C capsules! I use this product every other day. Don’t be fooled guys, a little goes a long way and these bad boys are potent. This is best if you have dull skin and want to revive it! It evens your skin tone and gives you a nice smooth glow. Not to mention it smells absolutely amazing! The  downside…it costs $28. Plus side…it lasts about two months and it 100% worth it!

On to my third step! After I have done my first two steps or after I have washed my face (depending on the day) I apply Mineralize Charged Water Moisture Gel by M.A.C. It is the lightest moisturizer I have ever used and it absorbs super fast which I love! I have weird skin. Some spots are super oily, while other spots are completely dried out.This moisturizer completely evened out my skin and hydrates in all the right places. I hate that heavy, weighted down feeling other moisturizers give. Luckily, this one is completely light and leaves my face feeling energized. That might not make sense, but once you use it you will understand.

This last product is also great to use right before you put on your makeup. Just apply, wait a couple minutes. Then apply your primer, then your makeup and you will look absolutely great!

Now on to some other tips. Everyone has those pesky little breakouts or blemishes! I take care of those the old school way, which has never failed me….Toothpaste. Yup! I said it. Toothpaste. Just dab a little onto your problem area and it will dry that sucker out. Also remember lots of water. It isn’t a myth…so drink to healthy skin!

Last Hurrah!

The time to leave for school is approaching fast! & I am trying to make the most of it. I am going to miss my new friends dearly and I’m trying to fit as much time together with them as possible. It’s safe to say that between work and hanging out..I have not slept in a very long time!

aaaaand here is my favorite pre-going out song to jam to. Enjoy!!

Stressed! But lookin good


(Lipstick is “Russian Red” by MAC)

So much to do and so little time. This is horrible for a professional procrastinator such as myself. Honestly; I believe a lot of my procrastination is a form of self sabotage. At times my procrastination tends to screw me over big time…or it work out great. Don’t really know how it will turn out this time.

My mind spins when I think of all I still have to do! All I can do is just breath and take things one step at a time & try not to go into full panic mode. I believe I should just write a list of everything I need to get done. For someone with the memory of a gold fish, this seems like a step in the right direction. I think I will just compose a list of things on my mind for you guys right now :]

List number one: Things that are worrying me/bothering me

1.) My number one stress factor right now is school (which hasn’t even started yet!) Taking care of appointments, appeal letters, job transfers…it’s a lot to handle in three weeks!

2.) A guy that I am completely over & had nothing to do with in the first place…Let’s just not go there.

3.) Mending bridges. Before I leave I really need to do some apologizing to some people that I care about dearly. All the stress has made me take it out on the ones closest to me & it really isn’t fair.

4.) The future

List number 2: Things to smile about

1.) School! It’s a bit oxymoronic I know hehe. The same thing that is stressing me out beyond belief is also one of the reasons for my smile.

2.) This new guy that puts a smile on my face everyday without fail. I can say with complete honestly that I have never liked someone or clicked with someone o easily before. We talk every day and every night without fail. It’s refreshing and I can not wait to see where it goes.

3.) Work! I absolutely love my new job. The atmosphere and the people are absolutely amazing. I have built such great friendships already (& I am not one who easily calls someone a friend) Even though I have been with this branch for a short period of time and I will be transferring soon, I know that I will always be connected to these girls for a lifetime.

4.) The future! Although scary and worrisome, I know I am going to take it by storm :]

29 days & counting



29 days and counting till I leave for Niagara to start school. Honestly is all feels so unreal! On one hand it seems like it’s so far away, yet approaching very fast. I was just getting used to being back in my hometown & now I have to pack up again. This time without the comfort of my family and everything that is familiar to me. It’s all very exciting and scary…mostly exiting though. 

This week has been so hectic with work and tying up all the final details before I go. The stress of tuition and moving is weighing heavily on my mind, but I know everything will work out and turn out great. So for now I will just enjoy my family for the short while I have left. So much to do, so little time!!


As you may know (or not) I will be going away to school in a very short amount of time. The thought of actually starting school at a private university away from home is all so exciting and scary at the same time! I’m excited to meet new people, build new relationships & of course classes!! (I know…I’m one of the few people on the planet that actually likes learning) but I am also scared about being on my own. I have never been away from my family before & coming from an overly large family where I am constantly surrounded by family, it is going to be scary to have none of them.


Luckily I will not be the only person who feels this way, so there is some comfort that people will be able to relate. You know they say, “misery loves company”…Though I doubt I will be “miserable.” On a more exciting note, I have finally found out who my roommate is!! I actually have two, since they put me in a triple dorm room. One of them actually lives right here in Rochester, so i will be able to meet her and get to know her. I thought it would be a good idea to go dorm room shopping together, so that we could collectively decide how our new space should look. I look forward to meeting her in person!

This is such an exciting/scary time in my life, but I would not change this for anything in the world.

Free People: Easy bun tricks

Easy Bun Tutorial: 3 Quick Tricks! from FreePeople on Vimeo.

I am obsessed with with messy buns this season, so this video from “Free People” has really helped me out. I found that the second method really works for me, since I have choppy layers and thin hair. The messy bun is fun, effortless, sexy & sophisticated all at the same time. I don’t think I will get tired of this style anytime soon.