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Center Sage


 I discovered this blog from one of my favorite blogs of all time THE-LOUDMOUTH (Which was featured in last months Blog of Fame) I must say that it was the best discovery of all times. This blog is amazing and very inspirational. This blog has everything from fashion to amazing (mostly) vegan recipes. YUMMM! I am proud to announce that Center Sage has snatched the number one spot in the Blog of Fame. congratulations!

For me For you


For me For you is a beautifully made blog. It’s very artsy and just all around amazing. There is even a section of beautiful hand-made jewelry that you can buy. I have even featured some of this bloggers handmade jewelry, just because of how artsy it is. My big shot of inspiration from this amazing blogger is all of the awesome photography. Photos from museums to delicious looking food.

Fashion Toast

There are no words to describe how much I love this blog. Not only did this amazing blogger win Bloglovins Blogger of the Year, but she is also in this amazing Blog of Fame. Her photos and amazing fashion is just jaw dropping



2 thoughts on “Blog of Fame

  1. Oh Wow!! Thanks so much for the sweet words about my blog. I’m so glad that you like it! I love Steph’s blog, The-Loudmouth. That girl is a beauty and such an inspiration. This has really brightened my day!! xoxo

    • You are so right. I think everything about Steph is beautiful :] even her name (but that is just becasue Steph is my name too lol) Both your blog as well as her’s has given me so much inspiration to countinue blogging even though I don’t have a very large fan base. I find blogging to be very cathartic.

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