Vegetable Lasagna

When I was little my favorite food in the whole wide world was Lasagna (it still is actually) I loved it so much that my mom even nicknamed me Stephania-Lasagna! which I have to admit is pretty cute. As of right now I am sitting here eating strawberries (amazing strawberries I might add) but I have this deep seeded craving for Vegetable Lasagna. My mom makes the best Vegetable Lasagna in the whole world. I tried calling her for the recipe, but she is the type of person who doesn’t remember what goes into what she makes. She just remembers as she is making it. Can you believe this?? Anywho I searched for Vegetable Lasagna recipes and found one very similar to the one my mom makes. The only difference is my mom does not use Lasagna….which makes me think “Why do we call it Vegetable Lasagna when there is no Lasagna??” Ehh no matter, it is still delicious with or with out the Lasagna part. Click here for the recipe. Enjoy!


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