A must have!

Guess what my lovely readers??? I am starting yet another new series. In addition to “My Fav Five,” “Blog of Fame,” and “Fashion of the week” I am starting a new series called “A Must Have” which features products that I swear by. From make-up, and face washes to Perfume and nail polish. basically just about anything.

1. L’oreal’s New go 360 Clean Anti-Breakout facial cleanser is a godsend. I never really got acne, but when I did on occasion get a breakout, it would be a bad breakout. L’oreal’s go 360 really does work. It kills acne causing bacteria, preventing breakouts from happening again. (PS I hate how I sound like an ad!) Most of all though, I really love the scrublet, because it really helps exfoliate.

2. Eos lip balm is pretty badass…and it’s really cute. It’s an all natural, paraben-free lip balm, and it has shea butter and jojoba oil that keeps my lips moisturized, soft and really smooth. If I could kiss myself, I would. That’s how soft it makes my lips. It comes in different flavors, but I really like the Honeysuckle Honeydew. It is available at major retailers and drugstores. I got mine from Target. I really recommend this product

3. O.P.I’s Black Shatter nail polish is a major trend right now, and I love it. You paint you nails any color of your choice and let it dry completely. Then you apply one coat of O.P.I’s Black Shatter and as the black nail polish dries it cracks revealing the nail polish underneath giving you this really nice edgy look. It’s amazing.

4. Last but for sure not the least, you have to try Garnier’s Moisture rescue. It is a refreshing oil-free Gel-Cream that I love love love! It really locks in the moisture and blocks out the dryness. Try it and enjoy!

Note: No one asked me to mention their products, and no one has offered me money to mention their products. I truly love these products and decided to share my opinion of the products that I feel work, and think people should try.


2 thoughts on “A must have!

    • Thank you =D. I was trying to come up with a series that I like, and that my readers could benefit from =] The moisturizer is amazing. There are a few that I really like, but this was the latest one. Hope you like!

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