Fashion of the week!


Franchesca’s is the clothing boutique I have chosen to feature in this weeks “Fashion of the Week” series. Franchesca’s is a unique boutique with not only the latest clothes, jewelry, and shoes. They also have amazing cute gifts to get someone for any occasion. (I think I might have to come up with a post featuring their gifts) They have gifts ranging from flasks with cute art work of 1950’s women with a  funny snappy quote on it (that’s the way to drink) to home decor.

1. High Tide Tunic- $38.00 from Franchesca’s

2.Social Affair Bag- $48.00 From Franchesca’s

3. Native Tribes Scarf- $18.00 From Franchesca’s

4. Snap to it Jacket- $48.00 From Franchesca’s

5. Haylie Bootie by Chinese Laundry- $89.00 From Franchesca’s

6 Rhinestone Skinny- $48.00 From Franchesca’s


8 thoughts on “Fashion of the week!

  1. Loving this website.

    Oh, forgot to comment before you can add more stuff to the right side of your blog. Such as ‘followers’ list. If you every post your own outfits on chictopia you can add those too.

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