Let’s talk Makeup/skincare & all that good stuff!

Guess what everyone??? I am starting yet another series. A series that talks about make-up and skin care. I have a lot of friends that come and ask me how I keep my skin so clear. I am not going to lie, a lot of it has to do with  genetics. The other half is that I stay on top of my skin care and the make-up I use. As well as how I use and take care of it. Let’s face it, genetics only gets you so far. So with all of the questions my friends ask about my make-up and skin care, I decided to start a series about (can I get a drum roll!)….Make-up and skin care!!! I will talk about everything. From the products I use to tips on how to take care of your skin as well as make-up.

To kick this series off I will give you a list of the basic things you should own. Not only what you should own, but I will also explain the product. Let’s go!

1. Cleanser – The most important thing you will ever own is Cleanser. You can’t put make-up on a dirty face. Would you put Gucci on a person who has been outside rolling in the dirt?? I think not. One your make-up wont last very long if your face isn’t cleansed, and two your make-up will most likely come out looking sloppy.

2. Foundation – Now foundation has to be every girls best friend lol. The main thing about Foundation is that it was made to cover up acne scaring and blemishes. (A little note: Concealer is NOT Foundation. Concealer if for the dark circles around your eyes). Another thing you should know is that there are 3 different types of Foundation. You have your Light Coverage, Medium Coverage, and Full Coverage.  A light coverage Foundation would be Tinted Moisturizer which you can get at any drugstore. You apply Tinted Moisturizer like you would any moisturizer. Most Tinted Moisturizers are made to adapt to your skin tone, so make sure you read before you buy! I use Tinted Moisturizer as an everyday foundation. It really even’s my skin tone, and it does not give you that weighed down feeling. Now, if I ever do where heavy make-up I go with the full coverage foundation. I’m personally not a big fan of Medium Coverage.

Another note: When applying concealer I recommend that you use a good brush to apply. If you don’t own concealer and don’t really want to buy any, you can always stick to full coverage  foundation. It covers everything.

3. Mascara – Okay…Mascara is MY best friend Lash blast fusion to be exact =] One amazing tip I have is (are you ready?)… Primer. Before applying your mascara, apply a primer. Primers prevent your mascara from clumping, and helps to maintain the curl of your lashes. Bad news though…Good primers don’t come cheap, and drugstore Primers are a waste of money. But all is not lost, I have a cheap trick to help you out. What I do is I take a clean mascara brush, apply Vaseline to the bush, then to my eyelashes. Then I apply my Mascara.

If you don’t want to do this trick then I strongly recommend MAC Prep + Primer. $14.00

4. Eyelash Curler – blasphemy to all who don’t own a lash curler. They make a BIG difference. They are also really cheap. You can get them at any drugstore.

5. Eye Shadow – Now I love love love Coastal Sents eye shadow. I recommend that you get Coastal Sents 88 Piece Palette. You can also go with L’Oreal eye shadows if you don’t want a Palette

6. Blush – Now here is the thing about blush. You want to aim for a soft natural look. I recommend that you go to Sephora or MAC and tell them that you want a soft natural blush for your skin tone. You can go with a cream based blush that gives you an amazing natural look, but it is not as easy to apply as powder based blushes. If you don’t want to spend that much on a blush, you can always use a light color lipstick and rub a little on your cheeks. Trust me it works!

7.Chapstick– I don’t wear a lot of lipstick, but when I do, chapstick works as an amazing primer. When I am not wearing lipstick, the chapstick keeps my lips looking wonderful with a nice glow.

8. Make-up Brushes – Now make-up brushes are a must, and I suggest that you bite the bullet and by good ones. Sponges, puffs, and sponge tips give you that caked on make-up look that is never good. Also Sponges, puffs and sponge tips hold a lot of bacteria. Also in the end you will spend more money constantly buying disposable sponges, puffs, and tips. I recomment that you get some brushes from Coastalscents.com or BHcosmetics.com

9. Eye liner – I personally love Urban Decay eye liner. You can go for a pencil liner, or a gel liner. Which ever you like best.


Next week I will post how to keep you Make- up brushes clean as well as other tips =]


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