Interested in Custom Designed Clothing……

My friend Lian is wonderful at designing clothes. So if you are interested she is starting to reserve spots for summer 2011. Limited spots available
Message her if you are interested. Here are some pieces she has created

This is Charla Vail wearing pieces Lian has custom designed for her. You may remember this one from a previous post. Below this one, there are other pieces that Lian has created for Charla.

(Vintage inspired romper)

(high waisted floral shorts)


 this is the first announcement I will post one later with more detailed information.

❤ Lian Aurora


10 thoughts on “Interested in Custom Designed Clothing……

    • Hi Ciara,
      If you are still interested in my friends custom design, you can reach her by going back to the post on my blog, and you click on the word “message her” it will link you right to her 😀 I just saw and realized it was hard to tell that it was a link, so I am going to change te color so that you know it is a link 😀

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