Cranberry Orange Scones


I have never had Scones before, but when I saw these on Cupcakes and Cashmere’s blog I just had to repost it! They look so good. I wouldn’t mind having these at my next study group date. Of course I would probably be more focused on how amazing these are, rather than on my studies. I look at these and I think to myself “how is it that I have never even tried a scone???…Is it like a biscuit?” Anyhoo, I am going to stop rambling now. Click here to get the recipe! Cranberry Orange Scones.


6 thoughts on “Cranberry Orange Scones

  1. Wow!! i am super hungry now!!!! Ok I think the problem is that your pics are too small.

    So here is what you do:
    1) First scroll down to your “Theme Options” (located in the Appearance box), make sure to check the box where is says single featured image. So to reiterate there make sure there is a check where it says “Show the set Feature Image on single posts”
    2) After uploading your pics you can set an image as a “featured image” You can do this by
    a) Setting it as a featured image right after it uploads by clicking “show” in the gallery and scrolling down until it says “use as featured image”.
    b) Or you can set your featured image by looking underneath your “categories” and “Pst tags” boxes and upload it there. Let me know if you have the set image feature (If not, you might have to enable it).
    3) Ok this is important too…Your images might be too small. If these steps don’t work then make sure your image is a little bigger. Your images have to be at least this big

    That is about 8X5 with a resolution of 72

    Ok I hope this helps 😉

    • Oops I forgot to tell you that you also have to have the “Previous Posts” box checked–located in you category box– for the image to show up at the top. Also “Pst tags”=”post tags”‘

  2. you never had scones?! oh my…you are missing out, lol! i’ve heard of these before…orange & cran…they sound and look delish. i really should try to make them because we eat them so much!

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