DIY:Spaghetti Sauce Jar Moroccan Lanterns


I saw this wonderful DIY on a blog called Matsutake . It looked like a very interesting DIY project that I am just DIY-ing to do (hahaha get what I just did right there?) Anyhoo.. I am really excited to try out my first DIY project, and I am so glad it was this one that inspired me to get started. Seeing as how some of my family is from the middle east, and the fact that I love candles. I find this to be just perfect!

So I got some spaghetti sauce jars.

And added gold dimensional paint. Just blooped it on with the tip of the applicator bottle.

Or you can make little dots, which looks sort like weird little nails. I think I like the dots the best.

And then poured some glass paint into the bottom of the jar. I used Delta glass paint. I mixed blue and yellow for this pear color. Mixed it around in the bottom of the jar, then dragged it up the sides with a soft brush.


4 thoughts on “DIY:Spaghetti Sauce Jar Moroccan Lanterns

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