Song of the Day

As you all may know..not only am I Hispanic, but my grandmother is also Arab. Her family coming from Egypt. So today I felt like getting in touch with my heritage, and listen to some good Arabic music 😀 There are a lot of misconceptions about the Arab world, because of  the war, but not all Arabs are terrorist as so many people  group them as. In fact a lot of the Arab community do not agree with the war at all, and have great love for America.There is also a huge portion of the Arab world that are in fact Christian. This artist for example is a Christian. It hurts a lot that  people group all Arab people as the same. But I look at that as people being closed-minded and sadly ignorant. The Arab/American community has a lot to offer. Culture, music, and not to mention great food hahaha. Watching a show called “What would you do?” sparked me to write about this. On the episode I am referring to a man (who was an actor) would not survice an Arab women (also an actor) because of the fact she was Arab. Never mind the fact that she was American born and raised. It hurt to see a lot of people (who were not actors) not stick up for the injustice being done, and in fact agreed with the actor. But it wormed my heart to see the few people who did stick up for the Arab/American women. 

Anyhoo….to continue this is one of my favorite Arab artists, and I hope you enjoy!


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