Ceasar Club Sandwich

Well as you may have guessed, I was watching Barefoot Contessa yesterday. Yet again! She made me want to jump through the Television and snag everything on her plate. I know that is pretty savage, but she makes me want to do it everytime. She made this amazing looking Ceasar Club Sandwich fit for a king. Moist chicken breast, pancetta, baby arugula, parmesan and a few other delicious ingredients piled high on one large Ciabatta bread had my mouth watering the whole entire length of the show! To get this recipe click here.

bb chicken caesar sandwich 2


10 thoughts on “Ceasar Club Sandwich

  1. Hi there! Glad to have you along for the Book Club Bloggers. The link for the reviews for “Girl, Interrupted” will be posted on March 25th. If you want to wait until April, we’ll be reading “A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius”. Can’t wait to have your input!

    • Thanks doll! I am super excited. I am a really fast reader, so I will get started asap. Plus I have heard really good things about “Girl Interrupted” So happy to be apart of this group! Thanks for having me =]

  2. Ok after lent I’m going to have one of those and the fact that you mentioned you saw on Barefoot Contessa made my stomach swoon. Let me stop before I start drolling on my keyboard.


    • LOL Ina is just amazing. I used to not like her for some strange reason. I think I was just crazy, because that women makes food to die for! And don’t worry about it, Im still cleaning the droll off of my keyboard lol

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