Vintage 70’s peach chiffon gown

It’s Almost Coachella Time! Coachella is just a month away which means I have to start hunting down some vintage gear for the desert. This chiffon dress looks like it came straight out of the Valley of the Dolls and would make a killer swimsuit cover up.


I saw this AMAZING chiffon gown on whore talk, and just had to blog it! I can see myself rockin this over my bathing suite in a hammock with a classic novel in one hand and a Pinacolada  with a little umbrella in the other!

Mermaid Chair Chiffon Dress: $78

Vintage 70’s peach chiffon gown with silver and clear intricate beading up front, on neck and cuffs. Cut out beaded heart at bust line. Cut out front with beading. Sheer. Worn with Breanna Lee Cherry Tart skirt in milk. Could be paired with a variety of skirts. Slight tiny runs & imperfections on fabric (so faint). May be missing a bead or two. Back zipper at neck. Snaps at cuffs. Overall great condition.
Only one in stock!  Click to view Fit Guide.

6 thoughts on “Vintage 70’s peach chiffon gown

    • hahaha WINNING! that is an on going joke between me and my sisters. I don’t think it will ever get old haha. The chiffon gown is out of this world. I can’t believe there is only one in stock. That really breaks my heart lol

  1. Oh my gosh, I love it! It’s very 70s but it has a little bit of a Gatsby kind of flair, almost. Gorgeous! And thanks for introducing me to Spanish Moss! It seems like I’ve heard of it, but I’ve never visited the shop. I could get lost in their vintage, so pretty.

    • I thought the very same thing! very Daisy hangin out by Gatsby’s pool all happy with him and her flapper style (if she wasn’t so stupid! hahaha). And you are very welcome darlin. Their vintage selections are just amazing!

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