Fashion Beauty Friendly Friday

Happy friday everyone! Again I am so excited for this weeks FBFF post. This week there is just one question (which is the hardest one yet…at least for me) but with five (yes! I said five) answers. So you ask me “what have been the five hardest blogging lessons you’ve learned during this process and have helped make you a better blogger as a result?”
1. Well for one, I have learned that I have to stay true to heart. I see all these other bloggers with their amazing blogs, and I have always felt like I fell short in the blogging community. I learned to get over that, and I find that I am much happier posting things that really interest and inspire me. And even though I don’t have a swarm of followers, I am proud that the few I have are following me, because they really like what I have to offer. And that means a lot.
2. That being said, I have learned how time-consuming blogging really is. Having to come up with idea’s on what to post. I run into of a lot of what I call Bloggers block..(my version of writers block) Other times I have so many idea’s running through my mind that I don’t know which one’s to roll with. With all of that I learned to become more organized, and I now have what I call my Holy Grail…which is my blogging book!! I keep absolutely everything in there. Magazine clippings for inspiration, lists, ideas, and pre written posts ( I find that writing things on paper first makes me feel more free).
3. Another lesson I learned is to not stress about my stats! When I first started blogging, I would get so bummed that no one was viewing my content, or didn’t comment on the stuff that they viewed. I would consistintly think “Oh my gosh..people hate my blog.” But being in the game a little longer has made my confidence grow, and I have learned not to stress over the little things. And I reminded myself that I began this blog for me. A way to get my thoughts out. It’s not going to be everyone’s cup of tea, and I have learned to accept that 
4. Blogging has also made me reach out to others. I have always been very avoident social and never really liked interacting with other people, but through blogging I have made a lot of friendships, and it has taught me to come out of my shell, and stop being so avoident social with people. I am honestly enjoying every minute of it. 
5. The last lesson I have learned (and certainly not the least) is that blogging is not easy peasy like I thought it would be. I came in thinking “oh, I can just post some pretty pictures and a word or two and I’m good.” Boy was I wrong! But it was one of those things I was glad to be wrong about. I love throwing my all into a post, and really working hard on everything I do. I am so proud of each post I put out, because when people comment on them saying how much they like it, I feel so good because of the fact it took time, thought, and effort.
I used to be shy, and not give my opinions, or talk about the things that interested me for fear that people would ridicule me or think that what I liked was ridiculious.I am so glad that I have found a community and a group of friends through blogging that have allowed me to open up and come out of my shell.
FBFF brought to you by Modly Chic!

2 thoughts on “Fashion Beauty Friendly Friday

  1. Wow! This is amazing. Seriously, I’m super impressed with your answers. You have grown and changed so much as a blogger since we first met, and I’m so proud of you! These are great lessons that you’ve learned, and for some people, it takes years of blogging to figure them out. I’m happy that blogging helped you come out of your shell, be true to yourself and make lasting friendships. I officially need to create my own Holy Grail!

    Congratulations on the progress you’ve made so far with your blog!
    Twitter @theloudermouth
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