The Glamourai (My inspiration)

  Today, Kelly the creator of The Glamourai (one of my  favorite fashion bloggers of all time) was on The Nate Berkus Show. (you can view the video here) Needless to say I was more than ecstatic! Her blog offers nothing but beauty and inspiration on a daily basis. Watching her on The Nate Berkus show today, as she displayed her amazing ability to see things in a different light, and really tap into her creative juices has inspired me to redo my whole room, and incorporate my clothing style into my room. I just can not wait to get started!  She saw things in a way I never could, but she has opened my eyes to all of the endless possibilities out there. I will also take her advice and try to use items in a way that they were not intended  for. Which I just thing is an amazingly creative idea! Why I never thought of this? I will never know.


(These are photos of  The Glamourai that show off her amazing style. I have used these photos without the knowledge or permission of  The Glamourai. I will remove if asked to do so)


10 thoughts on “The Glamourai (My inspiration)

  1. Aww, I love Kelly’s style and I had no idea she was on Nate’s show! I watched the videos at her blog, she did such a great job – and she’s completely adorable. I love the idea of extending your fashion sense into your home decor!

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