Awkward and Awesome Thursday’s

Hello Everybody! I have decided to start doing Sydney’s amazing Awkward and Awesome Thursday’s. Seeing as how I have an equal amount of the Awkward and Awesome in my life, I thought to myself  “Why not share?” So here we go!

Let’s start with the awkward.

1. Going to answer the phone, and instead of putting the phone to my ear like every other normal human being, I put the phone to my forehead and say “Hello?”

2. Sitting with my headphones on singing a song from the 60’s as if I were alone. It would have been fine if the song didn’t go a little something like this…”There is someone, Standing behind you, Turn around, Look at me.” Even though it was really creepy and awkward, it was a really sweet song.

3. Spelling a word for someone, and instead of saying “P” as in “Petter” I say “P” as in “Pnamonia.” Awkward and hilarious at the same time.

Now let’s move on to the AWESOME!

1. I looked at my online class and saw that I only have 12 assignments to go before I finish…which is AWESOME! seeing as how I thought I had at least two more segments to go. It was like Christmas finding out that I was way off!

2. I have perfected my Banana Oatmeal recipe, and made it 1000% better by adding strawberries to the mix.

3. And after 2 weeks of really working out, I can now run three miles without feeling  as if I were going to drop dead, and meet my maker! Which is pretty awesome.


2 thoughts on “Awkward and Awesome Thursday’s

    • LOL it was really creepy, but soooo funny. I kind of want to sing it, while I am standing behind someone in line to see what the person will do hahaha

      And I just wanted to die when I started. But your body get’s used to it 😀

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