The Dress!

Although I was getting really tired of all the coverage about the Royal wedding (It really was like kicking a dead horse) I was still über excited to see the wedding dress! Kate did not disappoint! It was a beautiful wedding dress. Mixing modern with tradition. I also have to agree that the dress is very reminiscent of Grace Kelly’s Royal wedding dress in the 50’s. Nonetheless it was gorgeous and to my liking! Sarah Burton did an amazing job. I loved all of the lace work, it was so elegant. My favorite piece of course has to be the vail. I also must add that her sister’s bridesmaid dress was also breath-taking. With all of the horrible concoctions that they are coming up with for bridesmaid dresses, this one was simple, sleek, modern and gorgeous.



5 thoughts on “The Dress!

  1. I found the dress very very elegant! and her sister’s dress was simple but elegant too…it could be a (normal) wedding dress in its own right

  2. Her dress was SOOO gorgeous! Love the long sleeves and the V-neck. I hope they make a knock-off soon because I want one (even if the only place I would get to wear it would be around my house). hahaha 🙂

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