Beauty Tease anyone?

Living in Orlando, One of the many things I like to do is  to head out to the Farmers Market at a park in Downtown called Lake Eola. There I find all sorts of buried treasure. From food and incredible artwork to amazing handmade jewelry! One of my most recent finds at the Farmers Market is Beauty Tease. Beauty Tease  is a division of B.K. Enterprises,  where they make and  sell handmade jewelry, handbags and accessories. The quality and craftmanship of all these unique pieces are (in my opinion) to die for.

 This was one of my favorite pieces. I think manly because I have always been fascinated with trees and birds. So when I saw this piece that incorporated two of my favorite things. I just feel in love. Can you blam me?? I think not!






Now, My absolute favorite bird has to be the owl. Manly, because of what they represent. Wisdom. Who doesn’t want a little wisdom hanging around their neck? Unfortunately they are all sold out of this piece & I’m not at all surprised. It’s absolutely beautiful. Hopefully they will be making other pieces like this.





What is more elegant than the hummingbird. I kind of feel like a sales person right now, but I just think this is a beautiful piece.







I saw these and to me they looked so whimsical & they have such a  vintage feel to them that I fell in love with them right away. I also see that I seem to be creating a bird theme here. No worries though. Beauty Tease has many beautiful pieces to choose from.







These are just a few pieces of the hidden treasure that  I wanted to share with all of you! If you want to see more click here!


6 thoughts on “Beauty Tease anyone?

  1. Beautiful pieces! I love the owl and the hummingbird. There’s something about animal likenesses in jewelry I just adore, and these are all so detailed! Thanks so much for sharing, twin! 😉

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