Artist you gotta Know! Phenomenal

It’s time for a new addition of  “Artist you gotta know” where I bring to you fresh new artist’s that you just gotta hear about. Seeing as how my first addition of artist you gotta now (here) was a success, I decided to continue this segment and make it a permanent staple to my blog. The Artist you gotta know for this week is Marco Guerrero A.K.A Phenomenal. A fitting name seeing as he is indeed PHENOMENAL. Being a person who enjoy’s all types of music, I find his hip hop music very refreshing. Not only is he a hip hop artist, but he is also an amazing poet…Well enough with my praise, because I could just go on forever. Marco was nice enough to let me interview him for my blog, but first here is some more of his background. As I have said before, I feel that you can appreciate an artist’s work even more when you know more about them.
“Phenomenal  is a 19-year-old rapper out of Orlando, Florida where he began recording his own music at just 15. Now, fresh out of high school and after shutting-down local poetry slams, he is determined to be signed by a major record label. Respecting the artistry and legacy of hip-hop, Phenomenal has intensively studied the hip-hop greats, which is why his poetry and work ethic unparalleled for a person of his age. From Dominican and Italian decent, Phenomenal’s cultural roots infuse his tough, go-get’em attitude. And, although his rap lyrics often pack a mean punch, he prides himself on keeping them fairly clean and uplifting.With boy-next-door good looks, a positive outlook and enough talent and ambition to leap a building in a single bound, Phenomenal is destined to sell hit records.”
 1)What would you say is your signature sound?
 I honestly don’t have a signature sound…the listener will be able to point me out by the uniqueness of my style.
2)Where did you grow up, and how do you think this affected your sound?
I was born and raised in Orlando, Fl. With that said,, I believe an artist’s sound is not affected by where he/she was raised, but more by who they listen to.
3) What made you realize that music was your passion?
I loved music as everyone naturally does…however, I never cared to become an artist…i started to write music because I wanted to do something people could never imagine me doing…being a poet was the last thing anybody would’ve seen me become
 4)When did you start performing?
 I started to take performances seriously back in my sophomore year-which was the first time I’ve recited a poem in front of an audience. This is the same time I stopped writing “gangster” music and decided to become more of a mentor than leading people the wrong direction by speaking about things I’ve never done nor will ever do
 5)Are there any pre-performance rituals that you do?
No pre-performance “rituals” that I do. Just keep my faith and know that I will rock the show. Anything’s possible with God’s help so no need for a “ritual”…
6) What has been the hardest thing about making music?
Hardest thing about making music is when writer’s block impedes…it gets you so aggravated. Sometimes I would have it for day…once in a blue moon I would have it for several weeks…but to cure I listen to anything that can inspire me…coagulate my thoughts than jot them down onto paper or keep them stored in my mental
7)What was your favorite moment of being a musician thus far?
I enjoy spreading positive messages to the audience. Too many people now a days are living a twisted life style…but if they actually sit down and listen to a good song once in a while they can feel inspired to stop the bad habits and commence with the good ones.
8.) Do you have any advice for aspiring musicians?
make sure you have PLENTY of patience…Lord knows I’ve ran out of mine! And keep your eyes open…dont trust a soul when it comes down to the music industry because labels are out for money, not out to accommodate the artist or audiences. And I also suggest an upcoming artist to keep messages in their songs…the world is corrupt as it is, let’s come together as music artists to change that.
9)What is you favorite/least favorite part about performing?
There’s no such thing about “least favorite part” of performing…if at anytime you don’t feel a joy about performing then this business is not meant for you. Just go out there and give it all you got. Relax and show that you have authority over the audience-you’re in control.
I just want to thank Marco a.k.a Phenomenal for giving me this great opportunity to interview him. I wish you all the success in the coming years, and looking forward to seeing your name in lights. To learn more please go visit Marco’s Facebook Page .

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