This weeks installment of FBFF deals with what we are looking forward to in summer trends  I must admit that I am looking forward to a lot of things. I might even break a few rules 😉

1.) One thing I am really looking forward to is colored jeans.  Summer is all about color, and making a pop. I never liked colored denim, but that was mostly because I was afraid to try something new. So I am really excited to try this trend!

2.) Now, I’m not the tallest women in the world (5”6) so I love my wedges and espadrilles. Anything to make me look taller. & it doesn’t hurt that they are really cute and add amazing pops of color when you want.

3.)Now, it’s not a big trend this year! but I am breaking the rules,because I love it so much.  I am an absolute fan of boyfriend wear…(Which is ironic seeing as how I don’t have a boyfriend) But I digress. I love this trend. The only thing is you have to be very careful with it, because it can easily turn into a messy look that you don’t want. Blazers look perfect over a floral frock, skinny pants or shorts & boyfriend jeans look amazing rolled up with a nice pair of heals.

4.) Can you guys say FLORAL!! Now this trend is amazing, because it just makes me feel so girly. Which is not a feeling that I get very often. Floral is everywhere this year! Just throw on a pair of  Doc Martens and a funky vintage belt with a floral print and it will be a knock out. Or just throw on some floral print wedges with a maxi dress. There are s many things you can do to make a floral statement and look great!

5.) I am really excited to experiment with horizontal strips. They say that horizontal stripes make you look bigger, but that is a big myth. Just try a big striped crop top with shorts and a pari of beautiful nude shoes like the ones below & it will look great!

(Horizontal stripe outfit idea)

  Quotation: Red Haute Stripe Poncho

 Check out more at modly chic!


4 thoughts on “FBFF!

  1. LOL 5’6″ is not exactly short – but I have to agree wedges are a great summer shoe. They barely feel like you are walking in heels and I’ve found them to be comfortable all day long. Love the stripes too! – Katy

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