Artist You Gotta Know (Man-Aye)

This video is Kid Cudi Mr. Rager Remix Ft. Man-Aye and it is one of my favorites. Man-Aye is not only talented, he is also very creative in his style of music. Going outside of the scope and looking at music with a fresh point of view using his poetic sounds. He has the ability to connect with his audience giving  them exactly what they want, while staying true to himself. His dedication and focus to his music shows in his work and it pays off. As you know when I hear about a new artist, I like to interview them. I feel that you can appreciate an artists work even better when you know more about them, forming a connection with the artist and their music. So I hope you all enjoy. 

1)What would you say is your signature sound?
 I would have to say , it’s a little bit of everything from out there poetic sounds 
to me being silly, I like to change it up every now and then so my Audience can  vibe to any type of song I create not just One type , but no matter what type of 
sound I choose per song I try to make sure I don’t drift to far from who I am as 
an artist. Meaning I wouldn’t say I’m going shoot someone or beat someone up cause I’m a  pretty chill guy haha. 

2)Where did you grow up, and how do you think this affected your sound?
 Well I was born in Germany , but lived most of my life in Orlando Florida, My 
sound doesn’t have to the with the area I live in, it’s just the music that 
influences me. like a G.O.O.D music label Mac Miller, Wiz, Kid Cudi , Big Sean just to name a few. 
3) What made you realize that music was your passion?
 My brother Prafet made music about 3 years ago and needed someone who knew how to engineer songs so that it would come out sounding crisp  with a professional quality so that  he could just focus on music instead of having to learn that skill also. I  wanted to help him out and learned all the tricks to the programs (that still use  today for my music) to help him out. I would practice new effects so I would  make a one verse song myself and try to edit it all “cool” lol Then I would  put it on MySpace and the feedback I got was always positive so I kept making  songs and learning how to engineer sounds and just practiced and focused and got  to the level I am now with my biggest accomplishment being  a remix video on  YouTube with Over 100,000 views and growing (Mr. Rager Remix Feat. Man-Aye.).

 4)When did you start performing?
 Started performing about a month and a half ago. First time on stage was amazing  and the feeling is crazy for all you artist who havent performed you’re gonna love  it. But now I’m working on Strictly Performance songs because we are branching  out to clubs in our local area and plan to flood it with some good musica lol.
5)Are there any pre-performance rituals that you do?
 We do huddle and thank god for the opportunity and courage that was granted to us  that not many people have. 
6) What has been the hardest thing about making music?
 Hardest thing would be starting off I believe, because you have to get people to 
take you serious but your skills aren’t great yet cause you just started off. So 
balancing fans and your skills at the same time is hard; but once you get the ball 
rolling its a wrap. It takes one song to make a believer, remember that.

 7)What was your favorite moment of being a musician thus far?
 The feedback is the greatest thing thus far. When you wake up and read a 
message from a kid on the other side of the world that says your his hero, or 
that they listen to you every morning before work, its crazy man, and I try to 
thank everyone who writes me in a message that shows love cause without that push  there wouldn’t be the will to pursue this dream of mine.

 8.)Do you have any advice for aspiring musicians?
 Yes. Be YOU, even if all you have to talk about is that your dorky and like Pokemon or whatever, people will respect you 100 times more, than  when you try to be something you’re not like a thug or a guy who gets all the chicks lol Also have a team and a strong one cause they will represent you and believe in you to  the very end that’s why im blessed to be signed to Top This Records. They do exactly that.

 9)What is you favorite/least favorite part about performing?
 Favorite part is jumping and going crazy on stage cause I look like a hyper kid 
hahaha and least is getting off that same stage lol.

Check out more of Man-Aye’s artistry here to be connected to his YouTube page.


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