Awkward Yet Awesome Thursday

I have really fallen behind on my Awkward Yet Awesome Thursday post’s. School has been killing me, but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. Am I right! Well this Thursday has proven to be especially awkward. Let me tell you all about it. My baby sister (now 18 months of age) insists on feeding herself. It’s really cute watching her try to feed herself & she does a really good job. The only problem is that when she no longer wants her food, she likes to throw it all over the place (including all over me) As I was cleaning her up, the doorbell rings (dun dun dunnn) I open the door to a really cute guy..and I mean let’s get married cute!

Well, he’s just staring at me (and I still like to think that it was because I was just the most beautiful girl he has ever seen in his life!) after a small exchange, I close the door and go about my business (thinking about my future with the cute guy hehe) all of a sudden my mom comes into the kitchen, looks at me, then starts laughing. Now at this point I get a sinking feeling in my gut. I go to the bathroom..and you wanna know what I find!!! Spaghetti all in my hair! sauce and all, courtesy of my baby sister (thank you Valentina!) Most awkward moment of my life.


Moving on to the Awesome: I have finally finished my online math class! (math was never my strongest subject) and on top of that I passed. Wooooohoooo! I say that deserves a drink, don’t cha think??


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