Great Finds

Thanks to J’s Everyday Fashion! I was lead to this amazing vintage shop right here in Orlando. The place is called Dechoes and it is absolutely amazing. Ever since I started blogging, I have grown into my sense of fashion, because of all of the amazing bloggers who allowed me to open my eyes and be me. For that I will always be grateful.

Dechoes is a wonderful mixture of consignment and vintage clothing, that I just absolutely adore. When I saw that they had vintage designer clothing like Diane von Furstenberg, BCBG, Fendi, Bottega Veneta and much more for rock bottom prices, I almost flipped my lid!! How could this gem be right under my nose and I not even realize it?? Now some items are on the expensive side, but it is all pretty fair pricing.

Dechoes has amazing item selections like jewelry, fine china, toys, and home decor  from the 1980’s and as far back as the  1900’s. It truly is a place for the fashion obsessed. I think another major reason I like this store so much is because on the first Wednesday of every month they host the “Wine Not Wednesday Party.” It a customer appreciation party. They have free beer, wine, food and live music. What can be better than vintage clothing and free wine??


5 thoughts on “Great Finds

  1. Oh, how exciting! I wish there was a shop around here like that – maybe there is and I haven’t been looking. Isn’t it fun when you find an amazing place locally thanks to blogging? Love it!

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