My Corky Must Haves

Here are just a few corky things that I absolutely want to have in my home!

First on the list are the incredibly cute mugs with staches! I know…Corky, but I think they have so much character.

Next on the list is a corky, but very artsy knife holder called “The Ex” hehe. Who wouldn’t love this?? Now, I would love it if they could customize a face on it…or a knife to the crotch would be grrrreat! but that’s just me haha

And taking corky to a whole new level…I desperatly want this board made completely of wine corks!!


One thought on “My Corky Must Haves

  1. Pardon me for asking this…
    Do you know that the word is QUIRKY and not CORKY?

    The reason I asked is that you said “And taking corky to a whole new level…” and I said to myself, “oh dear.”

    I just thought you should know if you didn’t already. No offense meant.

    (quirky |ˈkwərkē| adjective characterized by peculiar or unexpected traits:)
    (corky |ˈkôrkē| adjective corklike.)

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