Reality Junkie

Reality shows have completely taken over television…and I watch every single one of them!! I am addicted to them & I just can’t get enough. From Teen Mom to Million Dollar Decorators! Here are a few that I just can’t get enough of .

The Jersey shore

Now I know a lot of people can not stand the cast of the Jersey Shore, but honestly I love them. Now they are not exactly role models, but I’m not looking for a role model. They are pure entertainment…pure stupied and funny entertainment. You also learn a lot from them…you learn what not to do! hehe and what guys say about easy girls behind their backs.

So You Think You Can Dance

So You Think You Can Dance 2011 Top 20 contestants

So You Think You can Dance has to be one of my all time favorite Reality shows. I find it amazing what these talented dancers can do with their bodies. They tell a story with their dances. I call it acting without talking. They are true performers & I am gunning for Melanie!! After seeing her audition she has been my FAVORITE!!!

Flipping Out

Flipping Out on the Bravo Network is absolutely BANANAS!! Jeff Lewis is out there and uncensored. What I love about him is that he is blunt and he calls it as he see’s it. Other’s call him mean and rude..I say he’s just tired of everyone’s BS and he has no problem calling them out about it.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey

What can I say about my Jersey girls..DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! Not to mention that Caroline’s son’s are …What can I say…HOT!.. and funny.

Keeping up with the Kardashians

Now I know people hate on the Kardashians a lot, but I love my Kardashians just the way they are. Rude, stylish and chalk full of Drama! they are a guilty pleasure of mine.

So that were just a few of the Reality shows that I adore. I can’t list them all, because this would turn into an endless post hehe. I hope you enjoy and if you haven’t seen any of these out before, you should really heck them out…or stay away if you don’t want them to consume your lives haha

PS. This is what I want my link for my page to look like. What do you all think?? Feedback is always welcome!


3 thoughts on “Reality Junkie

  1. I’m a reality junkie too. My faves are Real Housewives (any franchise other than NYC, which is *boring*), Tabatha’s Salon Takeover, the Kardashians and Pawn Stars.

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