Short Films

This is an ode to the little films. They really don’t get the respect they deserve anymore. For all those who are not familiar about short films, short films are basically anything not long enough to considered a feature film. In a way, music videos can be considered Short Films or Very Short Films.

Before the 1920’s, feature films were rare. Back then, short comedies were exceedingly popular & came in a series. Some examples are the “Our Gang Films.” But you might be more familiar with Charlie Chaplin’s “Little Tramp” character, that would be another example. A lot of celebrities got there start in the oh so popular shorts. Stars such as Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton and many others.

Today, Shorts must rely on festival exhibitions to reach an audience. But sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, OpenFilms, BritFilms, and Newgrounds has encouraged  uploads of user-created short films. Short films are also a stepping stone for young filmmakers. It’s great that  big time actors are helping to keep Short Films alive by still choosing to act in shorts to express their creativity.

Very Short Films are also a favorite of mine. These usually run about 3 to 4 minutes. I just love how you can fit an amazing story that you can connect with in that short amount of time.

One Short that I saw that absolutely stole my breath away was “Nuit Blanche” meaning White Night in English was  Directed by Arev Manoukian. No words were necessary for this short & that made it even more powerful. “Nuit Blanche” explores a fleeting moment between two strangers, revealing their brief yet beautiful connection. Enjoy!


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