My Must Have’s

I have been slackin in this department! but no worries, I have not forgotten about it my lovely readers. To refresh your memories, my “Must Have’s” are products that I absolutely swear by! so let’s get started, because I have lots to share :]

Poppy King for J. Crew is the only lipstick (In my opinion) that is the PERFECT mixture of Red/Orange. I never liked Red lipstick for myself, because I have really full lips & I always look like a street-walker whenever I put on red lipstick. Which is not cool, because I love the way it looks. I wish that I could pull it off, but luckily this wonderful lipstick makes me look bold yet youthful!

I am in love with Nars Blush in Orgasm. It’s a Peachy-Pink combo that has a tiny amount of shimmer that gives me a nice glow! Some other good blushes that I adore are Nico, Madly, and Luster!

Any Essie nail polish…nuff said. I love their color choices as well as the quality. My favorite was Greenport!..which they no longer have (silently crying to myself right now) but you can always find it on eBay or Amazon.

I can’t express to you how important Primer is! Now I have combination skin, so the best Primer I have found to accommodate my type of skin is Forever Makeup All Mat Primer which you can get at Sephora. They also have an HD Primer that is a Godsend!! The HD Primer nourishes and moisturizes the skin to make it soft and glow just like a skin care product.

Than you so much for visiting my blog…stay tuned for another addition of “Must Have’s” next week featuring more products that I adore.




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