Are you Sweet! For Cupcakes?

 If you asked me “Where can I get the best tasting, most creative cupcakes in Orlando?” I would honestly have to say at “Sweet by Holly,” located in Waterford Lakes Town Center. Hollis Wilder is not only the creator and master mind of “Sweet by Holly,” she is also…wait for it!… the two-time winner of Cupcake Wars on the Food Network!!
You will not believe how excited I was to see Hollis Wilder of “Sweet by Holly” on one of my all  time favorite shows. I thought to myself “OH MY GOODNESS!! It’s SWEET!” I was screaming and cheering through the whole show! After seeing her win, I had to head right over and get a celebratory cupcake. Good thing it was only a good 15 minutes away from where I lived…but to be honest, it didn’t matter how far away “Sweet by Holly” was! I would have driven miles to get my hands on those sinfully delicious Cupcakes.
I see women like Hollis Wilder and I get so inspired to go after my dreams. She is an inspiration to everyone who has dreams and goals that they want to go pursue, but may be too scared to go after it. She took risks to get where she is. People thought she was crazy for wanting to brand herself, but she did it! If Martha Stewart could do it, why not her? She took risks and she did what she had to do to achieve her goals in life and she’s not done yet! She has traveled to places like France and England and has lived in places such as Spain and Italy tp learn her craft!! An inspiration I tell you.
I am honored to have been able to get an interview with the amazing and creative Hollis Wilder of “Sweet by Holly”.  I took a risk & emailed Hollis asking for an interview and I almost fell out of my chair when I got a reply saying that she would love to! I honestly had to go back and check my email, to make sure I wasn’t seeing things. Sure enough I wasn’t losing my mind and I had the confirmation right in front of me. 
The only thing holding people back from their dreams is fear. Fear that the chances of achieving something you want to do are slim. Don’t let fear hold you back. You never know what is waiting for you! You could be the next Hollis Wilder, or Beyoncé if that is your dream hehe. This is why I wanted to interview Hollis. Not only, because everyone should know about her delicious cupcakes (Which they should) but also to be inspired! So I hope you enjoy this interview and don’t forget to check out the “Sweet by Holly” website to see just how much Hollis has to offer.          
Interview with Hollis Wilder!
What inspired you to start making cupcakes? I moved to Orlando and there were none!

Do you have any culinary background? I am a self-taught chef
“I couldn’t get accepted to RISD because I’m dyslexic. I also didn’t have any money. The only thing I was capable of studying and passing was art and English. So what I did was I would sign up for financial aid, and then I would start the semester, get the money, and then leave and go to Europe for the rest of the semester.  I did that over and over again until years passed and I was $20,000 in debt. But at least I got to go and do whatever I wanted, and that was great” (Quote from Hollis in Interview by Jena Waring)

Now, I remember seeing you featured on Cupcake Wars and thought “OH MY GOSH!! Sweet’s is 15 minutes away from where I live!! I have been to Sweet’s many times, and I was so excited to see you on my favorite show. What was you experience like, being on Cupcake Wars? I was so excited too!  I knew that going on the show was not about making a cupcake, it was about building my brand. 

How did it feel to win Cupcake Wars not once…but Twice!? Self recognition of 25 years of hard work

Now, I’ve seen that the challenges for Cupcake Wars are very challenging and out of the box. Do you think that the show enhanced your creativity even more when it comes to making cupcakes? The show gave me a platform for creating over the top displays for my cupcakes
Has being on Cupcake Wars boosted your business?100%
 My all time favorite Cupcakes are your Tiramisu cupcake & your Coffee cupcake. What is your favorite? black and white
Where do you draw your inspiration from when creating your cupcakes? taken from generations of family recipes.  pies, cakes, cobblers, cookies, and of course cupcakes

What drew you to Orlando & do you plan on branching out to other location? I am opening my next store by the end of September in the St. John’s town center in Jacksonville
 Now, I heard about your book deal. Congratulations!! It really is a wonderful and creative idea to create a book centered around making mini meals with a cupcake pan. What prompted you to create this book? After I created the salmon cupcake Abrams one of the largest publishers in the world, called me and asked me to write a book!  I came up with the concept and now I am busy testing recipes and writing while raising a 7&8 year old, opening a new store and running my company

And most importantly…how on earth do you stay so fit, surrounded by all those amazing cupcakes!? I work out with Dwight Howard’s trainer Bryan Meyer! and it’s all about minimize to maximize! eat what you like in moderation and enjoy a truly epicurean life
I hope you enjoyed this post featuring Hollis Wilder! Now in the words of Miss Hollis herself..”Life is sweet when you take it one cupcake at a time.”–So go get one!
xoxo- Steph

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