Song of the Day

Sorry for being m.i.a for the last week or so. Very hectic in my family at the moment! New babies, new jobs and such. I feel really bad, because it has led me to neglect my blog…another thing I have been neglecting is my “Song of the Day” series. So it’s about time I get back to that.

Today’s song of the day features “Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.” A pretty awesome band if I do say so myself…and I do! A fuse of Indie/folk/country music (in my opinion based on their sound) So I really hope you enjoy. This song is called “40 Day Dream.” I love his hypnotic reminds me of the way they used to sing back in the 70’s. This song feels like home & I can picture myself driving down a desert road with the roof top down and just letting go (Not of the wheel of course!) hehe. Enjoy


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