Pink Ice!

“Fashion is another form of Art.”

Thanks to my wonderful twin sisters, I have been introduced to Pink Ice. An online clothing store that has the cutest items and at a really great price! Here are some items that I have my eye on at the moment.

Now summer is behind us, and we say hello to spring. However, we don’t have to pack up the maxi’s just yet. All you have to do is just throw a cute cardigan over it, with some cute booties and you are set. In this case this Native Fringe Pancho would be perfect! It was the tribal print that caught my eye & I just love the fringe. Pair it with a maxi dress or throw it over a tank and you are good to go.

I am absolutely in love with this Knit Top! This would be great with a colored cami or tube underneath…and since I live in Florida, it will still be worm enough to wear! I’m not sure I would want to spend $40 on it, but what is family for?? especially with my birthday this Sunday. Hint Hint to any family or friends reading ;]

Okay, this Sheer chiffon floral printed maxi skirt is to die for!! It can be worn with boy shorts, leggings or a slip underneath & it looks amazing when paired with a belt. I love that you can be creative with it and make it completely your own.

Words really can’t describe what I feel for these Floral Curtain Pants. It would be wonderful with a crop top. I just love the natural 70’s flow to it.

I love this Lace Patch Dress the most, because of the whimsical vintage feel of it. The lace cut-outs along the back and shoulders make the dress in my opinion. But then again, I just love lace!

Now on to the shoes! They have styles to fit everyone’s taste, but here is what was catching my eye.

I saw these Tucker Booties and nearly jumped out of my seat!! These are completely my style. They are Vintage inspired ankle booties with a rounded toe and a Wooden heal.

I have always wanted shoes like these Oxford Smarts Booties. I fell in with these two toned Oxford inspired flat booties with lace ups down the center & Slightly pointed toe line at first sight.

Do I really have to explain why I love these Running Fringe Booties?? I think it is pretty self explanatory if I do say so myself.

Tell me what you all think of Pink Ice?




4 thoughts on “Pink Ice!

  1. I’ve been aware of Pink Ice for a while now. I agree they have very cute things for decent prices. The only issue for my is I wear large and in their shirts size large isn’t big enough for my bust…It really sucks, but I always browse around accessories, shoes, and so on. I just won’t purchase any clothes from there, since my hips are larger as well so I’m pretty sure there pants won’t work either. You have some great clothes in this post. I own a pair of fringe moccasin boots but they are knee-highs, love them!

    • I am in love with anything that reminds me of Native American wear or has a tribal print. I have the same figure as well, but the floral sheer 70’s pants work great for women of our figure, and the cardigans/panchos as well. Really amazing 😀 And their accessories are to die for! 😀

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