Q&A with Stefanie of Steffy’s Pros and Cons!

 I read a lot of blogs, but only a few keep me coming back. Stefanie of Steffy’s Pros and Cons is definitely one of them. She has won me over with her whimsical charm and her clothing that reminds me of a simpler time. A happier time! it’s almost like a dream. Her outfits are  girly/innocent, and she never fails to deliver that pop of color giving it a flare that only a women could pull off. Something that I just absolutely adore. Fortunately for us she shares the wealth, putting up for sale some of her amazing clothing. You can shop her store Tea & Tulips! As you can imagine I was thrilled to have her answer some questions. It was originally intended to be a guest post, but this is so much better. To be able to get into the mind of someone so creative and to see where they draw their inspiration from. I guarantee you will love her blog as much as I do, so you should definitely check t out!
Tell me about your home life? Where you grew up, your up-bringing, your heritage and how it has shaped you as a person?
i grew up in long island, NY until i was 7 and then moved to florida. i have 2 younger brothers, and parents who met at 18, got married at 20 and reproduced by 23. i think this made me a hopeless romantic! and it left me with the constant desire to move back to my real home.. ny 🙂
What made you start blogging? 
i started blogging after reading lots of other fashion blogs for a while. i thought.. HEY i dress weird enough to get looks… i own a camera.. i minored in photography.. why not!?

Where do you draw your inspiration for fashion? 
i draw most of my inspiration from other bloggers around the web and also a big part of how i dress depends on the season, the holidays, etc. i get so inspired by the “holiday colors”!

 Were you always into fashion, as you are today? 
yes. not to the extent that i am right now, but i have always loved clothing. when i was younger i refused to wear pants/shorts, i would play on the playground in tights and dresses with cute collars. things havent changed much! i started to thrift back in highschool with my old friend Kelly. from there i never really stopped!
How would describe your style? 
girly, vintage inspired and quirky. i always have to have something that pops! usually its polka dots! 
Do you have a fashion icon? 
i LOVE Edie Sedgwick, her whole allure just makes me want to be eccentric.
Does what you wear also translate into your home decor? 
definitely! i love the era of the 60’s, so my home is very “retro” themed. i have old vintage tins, records on the walls, old movie posters. 
How supportive is your family about your blogging career? 
oh my family loves it. all of my cousins, aunts, my moms friends and even my DAD read my blog. it’s a way for them to see what i am up to from a distance! plus i think it really excites my mom to see me using my “talents” as she calls them. 
Are you a full-time blogger? 
nope! not even close.. don’t know if i ever will be. i am a full-time student at Ai Miami international university for fashion merchandising. i also work part-time at a boutique. phew, my life is busy 😉
Tell us how your outside life has helped you with you blogging? 
My outside life has helped because for one, i live with my boyfriend so i have someone to take my pictures all the time and also because we are both trained as photographers, so that has definitely helped in the quality of the pictures 🙂
From your blog, we know you have a boyfriend. Tell us how you met/how long you have been together & how he has helped you with your blog? 

I met matt back in college almost 3 years ago. my best friend Lacey went away on spring break and met him on the trip and came back swearing on her life he was my soul mate. When we were out on St. Patrick’s day Lacey and i ended up bumping into him and i just LOVED him from the very start. I was actually in another relationship so we remained friends for a few months because we shared the same interests and began officially dating in October-ish of 2009. So i guess we’ve been together about 2 years? He is the best. if it wasn’t for him my blog would have no photos! and i would have no camera!
(All photos belong to Stefanie of Steffy’s Pros and Cons)
Well, I hope you enjoyed this Q & A. Be sure to head on over to Steff’ys Pros and Cons & let me know if you love her blog as much as I do!

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