For the love of Pinterest!

Thanks to Casee Marie I was introduced to Pinterest! & I must say that I am absolutely loving it. I haven’t had all the time to work on it, but I’m getting there. So far I have two Boards on my Pinterest “Fashion,” and “Dream Decor.” Two of the major things I am obsessed with at the moment. Here are some of the photos I found lovely and inspiring enough to pin on my “Dream Decor” Board.



I find that the art of writing letters is dying, so when I saw this lovely framed photo of a giant letter, I found it to be absolutely lovely. It’s so rustic with a perfect combo of masculine and feminine designs. It actually inspired me to go out and buy some stationary and cute envelopes to start writing letters. Anyone interested in being my Pen Pal??

Lord knows I have a ton of shopping bags, but never knew what to do with them. They were awfully pretty & I didn’t want to throw them away. So they would often end up in the back of my closet. However, when I saw this photo of framed bags, I thought “Eeeeep!” Such a great idea. It’s so modern and has a clean-cut feel to it that I just adore.

I don’t know why, but I have always loved chalk boards. Maybe because they remind me of my school day’s when they still used chalk boards instead of dry erase boards. I’ve also seen them incorporated into a lot of home decor. You can even “paint” a chalk board on to your walls. When it dries, it works like an actual chalk board which I love!

I have featured this photo before, but I am doing it again! Done with the traditional rectangular bookshelves! I want this bad boy. Come on! how cool is this??…that’s a rhetorical question. It’s absolutely fab.

I just fell in love with the wall paper…sue me!

I get a modern-day Aubrey Hepburn feel from this decore…and lets be honest; anything that reminds me of Aubrey Hepburn is amazing.



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