Guest Post: Krystal from Village!

Hi everyone, I’m Krystal (from Village) and Steph asked me to bring a little bit of the art/design scene from Switzerland to your computer screens, so here I am! It was really hard to decide what I wanted to share because there’s a lot of awesome things going on around here – but…I ultimately decided on this one because it’s more personal to me…
I was meandering around town one night and my friend happened to bring me in to a really awesome furniture store when it happened – love at first sight happened…I fell in love with a… lamp (If you think I’m crazy, just humor me!). It wasn’t just any lamp though, it was that beauty, that features a panorama photo of Luzern, that you see up there. The one that’s now sitting pretty in my living room!! The one that will forever remind us of the amazing time that we are having (or someday…maybe had) in Switzerland – one that to me, is a work of art.

I think the designer, Hugo Kretz, would agree, though. Hugo designed this lamp (and also one of Sydney) for his 2010-2011 collection which represents his definition of “responsible design”. To read more, you simply must visit his website and snoop around! Below are some of my other favorite designs from his website – the shelves are amazing and you can choose what color you want the vertical wood pieces to be (they are neon pink in the store).
Anyway, I hope I’ve exposed you to something new and thank you, Steph, for having me!


13 thoughts on “Guest Post: Krystal from Village!

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