Book Review/ Wish List!

  “Looking for Alaska” by John Green was a book I had been wanting to read for a long time now. After reading it, I am pondering why on God’s green earth it took me so long!! I’ve heard great things about this book, from many people & wanted to see for myself & I must say that I fell in love with it.

Now I know there was a lot of controversy surrounding this book & honestly, that is the main reason I wanted to read it. I love reading books that stirs people to open their mouths for any reason. For example books like “Lolita” by Vladimir Nabokov and “Anna Karenina” by Leo Tolstoy. Books that I also love!

Back to “Looking for Alaska.” Even though this book caused a lot of controversy, I feel that everything was absolutely necessary for the authors intended purpose. It was all needed to define each and every character.

I commend the author on his comical dialogue between characters in the first half of the book, which was balanced out by the sadness of the second half of the book.This book gives people a lot to think about when it comes to dealing with loss at a young age.

I was surprised by how much this book made me think. It truly is a philosophical book about life and death. And even though it may not give you answers to some of the questions we have about life and death, it still makes you think. I’m still upset that it took me so long to actually pick up this book, but you know what they say! Better late than never.


Another controversial book I am itching to get my hands on is “Flowers in The Attic” by Virginia Andrews. It is an international best seller. Manly controversal for its talk of incest, it is said to be based on a true story!


2 thoughts on “Book Review/ Wish List!

  1. i read looking for alaska a year or so ago! i was so surprised at how good it was!! I didn’t know about the controversy, but it makes sense for sure. Still, the most controversal are often the best..

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