Sautéed Wild Mushrooms w/ Leeks & Marsala Wine

Foraging and cooking Wild Mushrooms from on Vimeo.

I have quickly become a big fan of Carl Pendle. After falling in love with his beautiful Plum Jam video, I believe this man can do no wrong. Carl Pendle has recently made “Foraging and Cooking Wild Mushrooms,” featuring Mushroom forager/Chef Nik Westacott. One thing you may not know about me, is that I absolutely love MUSHROOMS! I love it on pizza, in scrambled eggs, in pasta. honestly, I am always looking for dishes to add mushrooms in without being too out there hehe. What I love about these video’s by Carl, is that he is able to  bundle everything I love into one great feature! Music, hort films & most of all FOOD. This is art at its best.

This is one recipe that I can not wait to try. It’s amazing how all you need is provided by nature & even though I never thought of bringing a skillet to the woods, this video has me thinking that it might notbe such a bad idea. Enjoy!


3 thoughts on “Sautéed Wild Mushrooms w/ Leeks & Marsala Wine

  1. Ooh, today seems to
    be foodie day for me, this is the third great dish I’ve seen. I love all types of mushrooms too & this looks delicious! *Have you had Chanterelles, one of my favourites! Thanks for sharing this meal.

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