Decor8 Inspiration

I love the fact that every blogger has something special to offer. We not only inspire, but we get inspired from bloggers. One blogger that continues to inspire me is Holly Becker of Decor8! I absolutely love interior design & Holly provides me with so many ideas it ridiculous. I can just picture my home & everything I will do with it, because of the inspiration I receive from her. I actually started a sketch/scrap-book, because there are just way to many ideas to keep track of.

I actually think we may be design twins. She just seems to know my style and what I want! & when I am not able to figure out how something would fit or go, she puts up a new post that solves my problems!! Kind of eerie but cool non-the-less hehe. Here are some photos from her blog that have inspired me to no end. Be sure to check out her blog & follow her on twitter!



Dinning Area

Coming from Palestinian decent I love designs like this. This is how my grandmother had her eating area. Sitting on the floor eating surrounded by such pretty colors and designs. I always felt like I was in my own little wonderland when I was at her home. So this Indian inspired design really inspired me.


I am in love with the orange tiled walls! I have a color crush on orange at the moment. I’m also obsessed with the oval mirror /sink/tub…pretty much everything.


I am in love with both of these rooms! Do I really have to state why??



I have always loved carpets, so when I saw these I pretty much freaked!

Over-dyed Carpet Trend

Nicola Cerini Fabrics

 As you may have noticed, my style and taste is all over the place!! But I absolutely love it & now I think you can see why I love Holly and why she inspires me to now end! I hope you enjoyed!


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