Super Confused

A direct connection to your future.

Okay, so it has been my dream to attend Rollins College. The number one private liberal arts college in the south! I took a campus tour of the school and fell in love right away. The feeling of belonging was cemented in me as soon as I stepped foot on the campus. Although I would love to attend this beautiful/wonderful college, I have doubts that I will get in. Forever scared of rejection, I find myself thinking “just go to community college & see if I can transfer in two years!” and even though that would be the easier route, I really don’t want to do it.

On top of that I keep getting all these eerie signs that Rollins is the college for me. I even got a Select application. Meaning I don’t have to do the formal essay. Instead I just have to tell them about myself in a personal statement (Which is another matter all together).  Also with the select application, I am automatically considered for select scholarships & my application will be one of the first ones read. I must have the application in by November 15th. Of course I am still super scared. Any advice on how to get over my fear & should I just bite the bullet and apply?


3 thoughts on “Super Confused

    • Those photos don’t do the school justice, It is amazing & even though it is really big, the classes are so small. 17 people to a class! & every class has a big round table for the prof & students to sit, becuase every class is like a discussion, not a lecture.

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