GUEST POST: Kate of Scathingly Brilliant!

Hey everyone! I am super excited to present a guest post from Kate of Scathingly Brilliant! I am a huge fan of Kate’s blog & I wanted to bring a piece of her to all of my readers who may not know who she is. Be sure to check out her blog, I am sure you will fall in love with her like I did! 

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PS:  Links to the photos etsy shop are posted at the bottom!

Now I give you Kate of Scathingly Brilliant!

Ever since I dyed my hair pink a few months ago, I’ve been drawn to artwork featuring pink haired ladies! I’ve built up quite a collection of them in my etsy favorites, so I thought I’d share some with you today! 🙂
Teahupoo // Pink Hair Beauty with Her Cat

This favorites to my cart in the near future! Pink hair AND a cat? is my absolute favorite, and is probably going to be moved from my 


I love this pink-haired beatnik ballerina! 

Hello LaLa - Print - Big eye doll face girl

I love the style of this one, especially with the layers in her top. 

Vintage 1960's Woman Pink Hair

This one reminds me of a fairytale! So dreamlike and whimsical.

LAST ONE - Abbi and the Goldfish - Limited Edition signed and numbered 8x10 Fine Art Print -unframed

This one is probably going to be gracing my wall pretty soon, too! A pink beehive cat. A PINK BEEHIVE CAT.

Snowbunny II, Bubblemint, archival print of original illustration by Anna Tillett Designs

I wish my own hair was as pretty as this bunny’s! This drawing is just so darling, and the hair is the absolute perfect shade of pink 🙂

The girl with the cat 
diamond shaped one 
girl on the goldfish 
pink beehive cat 
bunny with pink hair 


2 thoughts on “GUEST POST: Kate of Scathingly Brilliant!

  1. I absolutely adore these photos! I’ve never visited scathingly brilliant, but that’s about to change asap! I am in love with the bunny with the pink hair at the end! So cute.

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