Edith Piaf: A beautiful women.

Whenever I think of Edith Piaf, I think “True Artist.” She had a heart wrenching voice that has moved me to tears many times. Her singing and many of her songs reflected her personal life. Abandoned by her parents, living as a street performer, her battle with alcoholism, even the death of her child & the love of her life. Edith sang through it all! She sang from the pit of her soul and that isn’t something everyone can do. She created Art in one of it’s best forms…Music.  Her songs expressed the sorrows of  prostitutes, beggars, and love-starved sailors who were her earliest acquaintances. The sorrows of  love was a frequent theme in her songs. She sang about what she knew, as many artists do. The most famous songs performed by Piaf were La Vie en Rose (1946), Milord (1959), and Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien (1960).

But her rendition of Nat King Cole’s  “Autumn Leaves,” is one of my favorite songs by her. It’s amazing how many people can sing the same song, and even though all of them are beautiful in their own way, only one touches your soul. It speaks to you and sticks in your heart. I think her tragic life experience brought this song to life. She was a beautiful women with a God-given talent.


9 thoughts on “Edith Piaf: A beautiful women.

  1. Thanks for sharing this. My horizons just got a little broader thanks to you!
    Thank you also for your encouraging comment on my blog. Hope to grow better in the next blogging year!!

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