Brain Freeze

My body is going through a major shock right now. It takes some time to get used to the cold after six years of summer all year round, but I digress. There is always a silver lining…WINTER FASHION! Living in Florida I had to put away a lot of my winter favorites. Living back up north I can take full advantage of the four seasons for my fashion exploration. Something I took for granted before I moved. I didn’t care about clothes or anything like that before I moved. Now that I have grown and learned to appreciate all forms of expression, I am jumping at the chance to express myself in all of my winter inspired glory (que evil laugh* MUAHAHAHAHA) Kay, got that out of my system. Everything is covered in Frost!!! It reminds me of the White Witch from The Chronicles of Narnia (one of m favorite fantasy movies) Even though she was clearly evil, I loved her. She was so queenly, and sophisticated….MYSTICAL. And that is what I love about winter. I want to feel mystical. Here are some winter inspired fashion that is inspiring me at the moment.


And although I love the all white trend. What seems to be a major trend for this winter is Color Color and more color!! Which I am loving.



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