You guys might remember when Krystal from Village did this awesome guest post for my blog that featured this pretty awesome lamp! Well I absolutely fell in love with the lamp that she featured in that guest post, but I was also heart-broken because I couldn’t find anything like it in the states & on top of that I was broke haha.

Well today I was feeling pretty gloomy for absolutely no reason at all (you know how that goes) So my sisters and I headed out to try on some clothes. But me not feeling to hot about my self-image, it just brought me down even more. You must know how it is. Even though you are comfortable in your own skin, you have those rare days where no matter what you do or put on you still feel like you look like crap. Well today was that kind of day for me. Giving up, we headed to Target and that is where I hit the JACK POT that brightened up my whole freakin day. I found a lamp for sale that reminded me of the one Krystal posted about & being priced at 14 bucks it was an impulse buy that was totally in my budget. I was ecstatic & it blew that cloud over my head away!


Clearly they are not the same, but you can see the resemblance can’t you haha. The one Krystal has is absolutely breathtaking! & I love how it had a real panoramic shot of Switzerland. But this is a pretty good knock off with a panoramic shot of New York street names in the shape of New York buildings…& being that I just moved back to New York, I found it absolutely fitting! What do you all think??


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