Grandma’s Famous Pumpkin Fritters

 One thing I always remember my grandma making every Christmas were her Pumpkin Fritters. The smell of pumpkin and Vanilla would fill the kitchen during this time giving me a cozy feeling inside. So whenever I smell Pumpkin and Vanilla I think of home. So it would be no surprise that this Holiday season I am really looking forward to my grandmas famous Pumpkin Fritters. She is pretty old school, so she doesn’t make it the way a lot of people make them today. There are no  eggs, baking powder or nutmeg in these fritters. But feel free to play with the recipe if you want.



1 1/2 pound Pumpkin

2 tsp salt

2 liters (8 cups) water

1 cup sugar

1 cup flour

3/4 tsp. vanilla

1 cup vegetable oil


Cut the pumpkin into pieces. Then put the pumpkin into a pot of water with salt. Be sure to put heat on high, until boiling. When it comes to a boil, lower heat. Cover pot & let it boil for 30 minutes.

After 30 minutes strain pumpkin from the water. Mix the pumpkin with sugar, flour and vanilla. It should have the consistency of dough. In a saute pan, add oil &  put on high heat. If you want your pumpkin fritters toasted on the outside and soft on the inside then put some flour on the palms of your hands and take one spoon full of the pumpkin dough at a time and with your hands make them flat like a pancake. Then place into the hot oil and fry until golden brown.

If you don’t want them toasted, simply take a spoon to scoop dough into the frying pan and it will turn into a ball. Be sure to flip the fritters to get golden all over. Remove fritters onto paper towels to absorb left over oil.

I have always had them flattend, but they are perfectly tasty as balls as well. I just keep them flat from force of habit and tradition. I really hope you enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Grandma’s Famous Pumpkin Fritters

  1. haha you are so welcome!! I have been meaning to try it different as well, but I don’t want to disrespect my grandma haha. I did see one that called for curry & it got good results. I just may try it, but don’t tell my grandma haha

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