Not as easy as it looks! My first Outfit Post

So today I attempted to take photos for my very first outfit post…Not as easy as it looks if I do say so myself. After a lot of shots, some technical difficulties, and freezing weather. I was ready to call it a day! I wasn’t at all happy with the photos (I’m kind of a perfectionist) but I decided to post the photos anyways. After all the hard work, why not??

Not as easy as it looks me

My favorite "Foe" Gucci bag haha


Although this was more stressful than I ever thought it could be, I loved it & it was a great learning experience. I definitely plan on doing some more (better organized) outfit posts. It was a great way to implement myself more into my blog & I had lots of fun/laughs while doing it. Although a lot of the laughter from my sisters were at my expense haha. 

And just for fun, I thought I might include an out-take. This one was takin when my sister was trying to figure out how to work the camera… in the freezing cold -.-

Scarf- A gift from my mother

Jacket- Stolen from my grandmother (doesn’t she have great taste!) But the brand is EMC if that helps

Purse- also gift from my mama

Boots- Famous Footwear

High Wasted bell bottoms- Sears

…ohh & the belt is actually a really long necklace!


12 thoughts on “Not as easy as it looks! My first Outfit Post

  1. Aww, you look adorable and these are wonderful shots! My first outfit pictures (which I guess were technically these) turned out terribly, ha. It’s definitely not as easy as it looks, and it really takes a lot of confidence to get up there in front of the camera and give it a try. You did a marvelous job and I can’t wait to see more outfits from you, girly! LOVE those boots!!

    • Whaaaat!! I love that outfit post!! ❤ the setting as well. You looked adorble yet chic haha. & thank you so much. I was so nervous about how it would turn out & then I had to take it inside, because it gotway to cold for me haha. My body has to get used to winter again!

  2. Dial up your contrast a bit on images shot in overcast light–just a little, not too much because that’d be an amateurish mistake–and I think you’ll like the results.

    The outfit is adorable. The scarf is especially cute on you. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you!! I love the scarf as well. I wear it almost 24/7 but to anyone that haha.
      & I will def. dial up the contrast. I was using a camcorder & I didn’t really know how to work it. I’m spending the rest of the night learning how to work this thing haha

  3. I applaud anyone who has the guts to do an outfit post, and yours came out really gorgeous!! I have a pair of boots that looks very much like yours, minor differences but even the heel is the same height hehe…You are so beautiful, thanks for sharing this outfit! You rock, I look forward to seeing more outfit posts on your blog in the near future. 🙂

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