It’s been a pretty crazy two weeks for me. With the job search and constantly being on the go! I have barley had the time to do what I love…blog! It’s been tiring, but I have found few moments where I was able to take a quick breather and relax before going back on the run. On my downtime I hang out at Java’s. This really artsy, cozy coffee shop. My mom actually used to work at Java’s back in the day. I remember going to visit her at work with my grandma & she would always fix me up a shot of Hot Chocolate topped with Whipped Cream and Chocolate Shavings YUM! I also remember one of her co-workers that always wore dark blue lipstick & had funky bleach blonde hair that she would wear in pigtails haha I thought she was sooo freakin awesome… & I still do.

Not only is it an awesome coffee shop, but I SWEAR they have the best Sandwiches everrrr! Everything in their bakery is made from scratch with all natural ingredients (Big Plus). Not to mention the workers are fantastic! Well here are some pics of those rare downtime moments at Java’s.

This place is a Mecca for the College students. It is actually connected to the George Eastman Theater + School of music. So the cafe reflects the type of people that come her as well haha . Seeing all of the College Students made me a bit sad. Since I moved back to NY, I was informed that I should wait a year to start school due to the fact that I am not yet a resident. I have to live here a year to be an official resident, otherwise I would have to pay double. Never mind the fact that I was born here and lived here till the age of 15! But there is a silver lining. I’ll be able to save up money and start school with some cash in my pockets 😀

Rochester - Java Cafe

Not only does the coffee keep me coming back, but the artsy atmosphere makes me want to stay. I wonder if they would mind me living there??

Javas Cafe Rochester

I absolutely love this lounge area at Java’s that is in their Bakery section. It is so cozy & with the smell of freshly baked goods it is perfectly homey.

Javas Cafe Rochester

Next time I head over to Java’s, I challenged myself to try their Aztec ‘Mocha.’ It is Espresso , Dark Chocolate, Cinnamon… & Chilies! Topped with an actual Chili!! I’m scared but intrigued at the same time hehe

What do you like to do on your downtime??


2 thoughts on “Downtime

  1. What a great space!

    I am with you—- very little downtime lately. I could use a cup of hot chocolate and a book…. but alas I have a computer and a list of things to do instead!

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