I’m in need of some Inspiration

Today was a pretty horrible day…well, maybe not horrible but you know what I mean. I have been on the  hunt for a job for about 2 months now (With no luck I might add). I had an interview this morning, but it turned out the job was commission based only -.- And to top it off, I had to sit through a 2 hour presentation with intense abdominal pain (from what?? I had no clue) and my stomach kept growling the whole time (The pain & the growling were unrelated). Completely embarrassing and so not worth the gas driving all the way over there. Did I mention that I got lost on the way?? Wasn’t really my day.

I didn’t let it get me down though. Sitting around pouting doesn’t really help my situation…no matter how badly I want too haha. Everybody needs a good pout session now and then. However; I wasn’t going to give in.

Like the picture above says..”Stop waiting for things to happen, Go out and make them happen.” And that’s exactly what I have to do. Make things happen.

A lot of things aren’t going the way that I would like it to go, but that’s life for ya! So I’m just going to continue doing what I love…Blogging ❤ I’m going to continue to look for a job & hopefully I get a certain internship that I feel would be a perfect fit for me since it would allow me to do what I love and help others at the same time.

All I can do at this point is move forward. Join me!

Soundtrack for this post:

Bob Marley- Don’t Worry Be Happy

Frank Sinatra- That’s Life

Florence + The Machine- Shake it Out


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