Thank my lucky stars it’s Friday!

Today is FRIDAYYYY! Never have I ever been so excited. I’m not going to let the first signs of snow bring me down. Don’t get me wrong…it’s pretty to look at. I just don’t want to be in it. Speaking of snow, I could go for some Peppermint Hot Cocoa right about now. So Cozy!

I had a wonderful job interview this morning. I must say that it went so much better than the job interview I had last week! I should hear back from them within a week or so (Fingers Crossed) The anticipation is KILLING me!!

The rest of the day should be pretty chill. Writing love letters for “More Love Letters,” catching up on “Lie To Me” on Netflix & reading. Haven’t had a chill day in a long time now. I think I deserve it!

On a whole other note (Sorry for being so random!) I’m reading Neanderthal by John Darnton. Now, it isn’t something I would intentionally pick up to read. The other day, in a desperate attempt to find something to read. I raided my cousins closet for books. It seemed pretty interesting compared to the other books she had, but I was pleasantly surprised at what a page turner it turned out to be! For those of you wondering what it’s about, here is a little synopsis:

In the high altitudes of the Pamir Mountains-“the roof of the world”-a guerrilla fighter vanishes, a schoolgirl is murdered, and an eminent Harvard professor disappears. To a shadowy government agency in Maryland, these are all signs that something has gone terribly wrong. Matt Mattison and Susan Arnot, paleontologists who were once lovers and are now academic rivals, mount an expedition to the remote region. They have no idea that they are about to encounter a species that has been extinct-or so it was thought-and that is endowed with a mental power that makes them all but indomitable. Against their will, the two are forced to relive a battle of the species that occurred 30,000 years ago and that explains the mysterious ability of the human race to survive

It is a must read! So anyone looking for something new to read, be sure to pick this up. You wont regret it. I promise!

What are you reading these days??


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