This is what I’ve been missing!!

I was so excited to finally be able to head to the Famers’ Market yesterday! & I must say it was soooo much better than the one in Florida. It was all hustle and bustle. Owners were shouting out deals, while people tried to bargain. It was a cacophony of accents and people  shouting in their native tongue. Russian, Hindi, Spanish, Polish! I absolutely loved it. So much diversity. Something I’ve been missing since my six years in Florida.

The only downside is that is was FREEZING!! It felt like the blood in my hands had frozen and my hands were about the shatter from the cold…& I promise you, I am not exaggerating! It’s going to take me a while to get used to the cold weather again 0.o Other than that I loved it haha

I would have taken more pics, but it was so crowded and people were shoulder to shoulder that it was absolutely BANANAS trying to get decent photos. Here is what I was able to get to share with you lovely readers. Honestly; these photos don’t do it justice & there was so much more I wanted to show you, but I got carried away in the beauty of it all. Next time I promise to show you so much more.

I swear to you! These are the best Nuts everrrrr. They are made fresh everyday and they are so yummy. Besides..there is nothing better than warm nuts on a cold day. (Is it me, or does that sound really pervy??)  I couldn’t help but buy a bag. I got Honey/Cinnamon roasted Walnuts. I’m actually eating them as I type this post. DELICIOUS!

This really cute old Italian guy with the thickest Brooklyn accent I ever heard convinced me to buy one of his Cannolis, promising me that they were the best in NY haha & guess what?? It was heaven! Next time I go I’m picking up a few, because I was really sad when I took my last bit and it was gone.

Rochester Farmers Market 072

Is it weird that I get exited when I see produce?? I haven’t decided yet…anyhoo! I la la loved all of the produce at the farmers market. They were selling little cartons of Mushrooms and Tomatoes (The Tomatoes were HUGE) for ONE DOLLAR. I’m never shopping in grocery stores for my produce ever ever ever again. They also had the reddest pomegranates I have ever seen in my life. They look weird in the photo, because of the sun light. SO you’ll just have to take my word for it.

Now, I absolutely love sea food. So it pretty much broke my heart when I couldn’t get any. My mom is highly allergic to sea food…Next time Lobster tail…next time. (* Sniffle )

I adore these collapsible wooden baskets that I found at the Farmers Market. Does anyone else want one?? Cause I sure do!

In a way I’m just like Khloe Kardashian…I love my winter animal themed hats and my scarfs! haha

And finally…me just goofing off haha. I decided not to buy the animal hat, but I did snag the sunglasses. FIVE BUCKS! How could I say no??

What did you do this weekend??


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