Late night tea is where it’s at

I do 95% of my writing in the wee hours of the night as I have my late night tea sessions. Honestly, late night tea sessions are where it’s at. For some reason I can’t really write during the day. It’s like my brain is on autopilot. However, at night my brain won’t shut the !@#$ up. So that’s when most of my writing occurs.

It’s become a ritual. Make the tea & get to writing. Some other odd things I do before I write (even if it’s late at night) is I put on Mascara. Odd I know! I don’t know why I do it, I just have to. Don’t ask me to expalin, because I can’t. However; I’m not wearing Mascara as I write this particular post because my mother lost my Mascara. So now I feel kind of topsy turvy.

Good thing I didn’t run out of my favorite tea (Harney & Sons Green Tea w/ Coconut, Ginger & Vanilla is seriously delicious!) I like to put a spoon full of honey in it though for a little sweetness. But I seem to be running dangerously low. All hell would have broken loose if I would have opened the tin to find no silk tea bags left.

If I am rambling, I apologize. I swear  it’s the lack of mascara. It’s throwing me off my groove & it doesn’t help that I have a massive headache.

On a good note, I have made plans to go to the farmers market this weekend. Always an awesome time at the farmers market. Hopefully this time I will be able to check out the pottery and get my hands on another Cannoli! (okay..that’s the real reason I want to go. I need another Cannoli!) Best I have ever had. I swear it! I also wanted to pick up some figs so I can make this sweet ass recipe! I mean, how good does this look?!?!


With that being said, I think I’m done for the night. I just flipped on the tv and saw that they are showing Baseball Wives! (First time I’ve heard of it!) I know all about Mob Wives, Basketball Wives & Real Housewives. But never have I ever heard of Baseball Wives. What on earth will they come up with next…Mime Wives? Nevertheless, they are all my guilty pleasure.  

Nighty night!



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