Kick Ass Dresses and other things!

Today was a pretty eventful day. I spent the whole morning with a dear friend of the family, who was gracious enough to help me with my College applications. She just so happens to be a Professor! She has been such a great help & so encouraging. Having her help me is definitely a weight off of my shoulders.

I spent the better part of the morning filling out a Common Application for 9 University’s that I want to go to, and I’ve just spent the last 5 hours writing my essay’s. To say I am drained is an understatement! But despite that I am wiped, I am so excited and pray that I get excepted [:

On a completely different note: I am a huge fan of Urban Outfitters & I would not at all be disappointed to find one of these dresses under my tree. However; if I don’t get one of these lovely dresses…Well, let’s not even think about that.

Aren’t they freaking beautiful??


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