Good Day + Top Ten

Well, the snow has finally found New York! It has been snowing non-stop since 3am (I know this, because I have been up since 3am -.-) Rochester gets the worst of it, because all the snow from Toronto blows down on us. Can’t say that I have missed this aspect of N.Y. Don’t get me wrong, snow is beautiful to look at. However; the minute I have to go out and brave the cold…brrrrr. I can do without that! But seeing as how I can’t live as a hermit crab during the winter, I must suck it up.

Despite all of this, my family and I have managed to bring summer to the household. The heater on, ribs in the oven and all of our favorite Spanish summer dishes on the stove. It’s been a good day, especially since I’ve been blasting my top ten tracks of the day. Music always puts me in a good mood. How about you? 

Well, I’m off to go enjoy me a nice hot cup of tea! & just in case you were wondering, these are my top ten tracks of the day. I was in a dance dance kind of mood if you couldn’t tell.

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