I’m Alive!!!

Hi everyone!!

Sorry, it’s been like a ghost town over here. I have been swamped! (I have made a vlog to further explain) Hopefully, I haven’t lost all of my readers. On a different note:  I made some pretty awesome Apple Raisin Muffins yesterday, and the family devoured them! Luckily I was able to find one little lonely muffin that was forgotten about and happily placed him in my tummy (YUMMY!) While  I enjoyed some coffee and tunes from The Miracles

Pretty sad that it is all gone though :/ I think I will use the left over batter to make some more today [: If you are curious, I used this recipe here. I swear to you that these are the most amazing muffins in the world!

TIP: Mine took more like 40 minutes to bake, instead of 15. Everyone’s oven is different, so I suggest you check on them regularly. Oh..and you can use Applesauce instead, if you don’t want to grate apples!

And here is my Vlog!

PS. Sorry about the color on the vlog! I look like a vampire & I couldn’t figure out how to change it haha


4 thoughts on “I’m Alive!!!

  1. You are so darling! Good luck with admissions. Such an exciting time! I changed my mind several times in school, but it’s all part of growing. Some people know what they want to do right away and they stick to it. I think I just wanted and still want to do everything ha! So it’s hard to choose.
    Those muffins sounds delicious. I haven’t been baking much lately but I have a soft spot for anything apple. I’m glad there was one lone survivor left for you to enjoy! Loving the vlogs by the way! XO

    • You are too sweet! & yes, do try out these muffins. I swear this is the best muffin recipe I have ever tried out (And the smell of them while they are baking is heavenly)

      And yes! I might be the type to change my major hehe, but this is something so close to my heart that I hope it doesn’t happen. If I do change it, I would change my minor to Communications :]

  2. OMG!!! I love that I finally get to see you moving & talking! You are too cute for words and you talk just like you write. Loooove it!!! Come visit me so we can make videos together. Good luck with your college preparation 🙂

    • My friends say I write like I talk too! hahaha
      & Visiting the west coast is definitely on my list of places to visit. I have to bring my east coast flavor lol
      (& it’s a deal! I see a vlog collaboration on the horizon hehe)

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